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Bridging the Gap Between

Making Money and Creating Wealth

Travel adventures. Family gatherings hosted at your mortgage-free home. Enough zeroes stacked in the bank to send “money” to the bottom of your list of worries.


That’s the kind of life many of us dream about. 


Now, before you start swirling in a Tsunami of doubts about your ability to build life-changing wealth, please know this:


You do NOT have to earn six figures to live your dream life. But, you do have to take a hard look at your money situation and develop a plan to make it work for you.


And that’s what The Fiscal Forum Podcast will help you do. The Fiscal Forum Podcast features real-life stories to teach millennial women how to bridge the gap between making money and creating wealth.


Podcast Episodes

Each episode will plunge into stimulating dialogue and conversations with women of different backgrounds who share their journeys on creating better relationships with money and achieving financial freedom.


After each guest interview, you'll gain more understanding about the ups and downs of women who have, against all the odds, built a legacy of wealth for themselves and their families. You'll also start to recognize how to apply their strategies to your journey.


While the guests I feature now know how to tap into their highest wealth-building potential, here’s what I want to tell you:


They weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths.


They didn’t grow up swimming in bucket loads of cash inherited from rich grandparents.


And they didn’t win the lottery.


Instead, they worked hard, stayed focused, tamed wild spending habits and made every dollar work for their greater good.


And YOU have the power to do the same.


That is when you have the guidance, direction and “been-there-done-that” secrets to do so – everything you’ll get from The Fiscal Forum Podcast.


Now, we won’t merely discuss the ins and outs of living debt-free, stashing away some rainy-day funds and budgeting your paychecks. Instead, we’ll focus on creating “financial independence.”


The kind of uninhibited freedom that comes along with having a diversified portfolio of revenue streams that unchains you from the workforce and positions you to live the fulfilled, happy life you’ve always wanted.


That’s what I want for you.


And if you want that for yourself, tune in each week for The Fiscal Forum Podcast:

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