Hey! I'm Vestria, 'The Fiscal Architect' Agee and I am a financial educator.

I have an Accounting B.S from Albany State University, Logistics Management M.S. from Florida Institute of Technology, and 14+ years expertise in banking, financial management, logistics management, and program management. 

When I'm not budgeting, podcasting, or abroad, I am a wife to a wondrous husband and a mommy to a beautiful busy-bodied baby girl.

Originally from Georgia, I grew up in a single-parent home where good money management and exposure to entrepreneurship were taught early on. Financial independence has always been a motivator but I had no idea that my upbringing would carry me here.

Like so many other millennials, I followed instructions to go to school, find a good job, and start my life. Up until graduation, I had been a full-time honor student, a part-time teller, and I was active in activities around campus.

In the year following graduation, my job offered no opportunities for upward growth. I applied for work in a tristate area and was repeatedly told I was either underqualified or over-educated. The student loan companies had notified me of the first payment due date and I didn’t know what to do...


At 22, I enrolled in school to extend the deferment. I was offered a promotion at work and withdrew from school in the first week.  At 23, I still couldn’t afford the payments. I quit my job, moved home, and volunteered to study abroad indefinitely until I could afford to make payments. Two, weeks before departure, that ‘good job’ finally called. The deferral continued, but this time I chose the job over my dream of traveling. With that job, I promised myself that I would pay off all of my debt as soon as possible.

The promise was kept and by 30, I paid off nearly $50K in debt, earned an additional degree, and purchased my first home. There is an indescribable confidence that comes with each and every payoff. The biggest lesson is that there are 3 core principles that made the payoffs possible:  budgeting, saving, and planning.

With that, I teach professional women how to use their paychecks to create payoffs by using budgeting, saving, and planning to eliminate debt using the income that they already have.

While debt destruction has become a life skill, I’ve realized that debt-freedom is a start, but wealth-building is the key.  After all of those payoffs, I spent thousands of dollars on things I felt I deserved. With hindsight, I realized that a better use of disposable income is building wealth.

This path has provided the financial flexibility to pursue my love for travel. Thus far, I've visited 10 countries outside of the US and numerous states.  Beyond travel, I love to dance, I love great food and I love teaching professional women how to use their paychecks to create payoffs.  I will always stand firm on my motto:

“First, we’ll change your mind, then we’ll change your money.”

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Madison, Alabama United States

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