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Who We Are

Learn More About How We Bring Your Getaways to Life.

Brave Mamas Travel specializes in booking international group vacations for mamas just like you. Why? Because moms do it all! Moms are the definition of brave. Moms are 24/7 heroes.  Moms fulfill countless roles including being nurturers for our children, breadwinners,  thought-leaders, wives to husbands, partners, sisters, and friends.  Moms wear so many hats that we often forget to take care of ourselves and give ourselves a break or a reward for our hard work. Brave Mamas Travel was created to remind you that mamas deserve to getaway too!


Brave Mamas Travel exists to be a space where moms can unapologetically treat themselves and reset while on vacation away from the daily grind.

What We Do

Learn More About How We Bring Your Getaways to Life.

Travel With Us

Our BMT-hosted getaways are intimate groups of 10-12 brave mamas looking to explore the world with like-minded mamas. We plan it, including 4+ star international accommodations, food tours, adventurous activity, round-trip transfers and so much more. You book it, knowing that we get you and we've got you... no kids allowed. Rest, restore your peace of mind, reset, and return home refreshed. 


Plan a Group Trip

Got an idea for a group getaway abroad? BMT will work with you one-on-one to bring your getaway to life. Start with a 15-minute consult where we capture the goals for your special trip. Finish with a full itinerary crafted to exceed your expectation of service from your doorstep to your destination.



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