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I'm Vestria and I'm a globetrotter! The world-traveler kind, not the basketball superstar kind. This site represents my love for travel, money, and adventures as a mom.  Scroll below to learn more about me and the birth story my travel agency, Brave Mamas Travel, LLC.  

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My Story

Originally from Georgia, I grew up in a single-parent home where, like most millennials, it was ingrained to go to school, get a good job, and go on to live a good life.  I marched to the beat and did all those things, but none of it really stirred my soul. Financial independence has always been a motivator so I steadied myself in a stable career and I promised myself that I would pay off all of my debt as soon as possible.

The promise was kept and by 30, I paid off nearly $50K in debt, earned an additional degree, and purchased my first home. I became a wife and a mom. I also started a financial coaching business where I taught other women how to manage, save, and plan out their finances. I did "everything I was supposed to do'and still something felt unsettled and unfulfilled. 


Little did I know that following someone else's rubric for so long was building up a passion for seeing more and more of the world. 

Then came the pandemic. The stress of the world literally stopping for a rampant uncurable illness + the looming expectation to sustain personal and professional life balance in the living room was way too much. If following the rules ended here, living unfulfilled and scared, then I knew, IF we made it out of the pandemic, that something major had to change.


In 2021, my family and I decided to move to South Korea. I got really brave and took the max unpaid leave from work with no backup plan other than to find fulfillment and peace. How did it go? It's still going one day at a time. 


As we crest upon 2023, life is very different. Peace has been restored. The stress and fear are gradually being replaced with the audacity to pursue things that feel good instead of coloring in the lines ALL of the time.

Life is good. 

The journey to the present day has provided us the financial flexibility to pursue my love for travel all while being a wife to an amazing husband and a mom to a busy-bodied pre-kindergartener. I get to be present for those roles while pursuing and sharing my love of travel with my company, Brave Mamas Travel, LLC. Things that fill my cup include great food, great fellowship, dance, and I'm learning how to speak Korean in my downtime. 

I took my passion for world travel and adventure and used it to create Brave Mamas Travel, LLC. 

Moms are 24/7 heroes. Moms are the definition of brave. We do it all, by God’s grace.  Moms fulfill so many roles including being nurturers for our children, breadwinners, thought-leaders, wives to husbands, partners, sisters, and friends.  We wear so many hats that we often forget to take care of ourselves and give ourselves a break or a reward for our hard work. Brave Mamas Travel creates getaways that leave space where moms can unapologetically treat themselves and grow while on vacation. We curate and host international adventure and wellness group getaways for mamas.  For more information, visit us at 

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