Don’t just put a Dent in your debt.

You dream of a life where your bills are always paid, your savings account is well-padded and a tropical vacation is just one easy payment and a flight away.


But there’s one not-so-tiny problem.


You’ve got debt – a mountain of it.


And sadly, your paychecks seem to shrink to nothing as creditors take their cut. And by the time you pay your bills, your bank account is drained.


Now, question is: Can you escape this debt trap?  


Well yes, you absolutely can. Now, before I tell you how, please allow me to introduce myself …

I’m Vestria Agee, The Fiscal Architect who teaches professional women how to use their paycheck to create payoffs. My debt-reduction and wealth-building strategies stem from my personal journey in eliminating $50,000 of my own debt before I reached the age of 30.


Armed with the how-to’s (and what-not-to-do’s) of my struggles with debt, I now share everything I’ve learned about demolishing debt and creating financial abundance with ambitious professional women like you.



My motto is: “First, we’ll change your mind, then we’ll change your money.” Because, you see, I wholeheartedly believe real transformation starts when you shift your mindset about money.


That’s why I spend so much time educating women on the benefits of taming out-of-control spending habits and eliminating debt. I also teach women how to live their best life (within their means), stack their savings accounts and  adopt an overall better relationship with money.


And you can rely on me to help you do the same. I'll provide the step-by-step guidance and accountability you need to evict overwhelming debt and money problems from your life and make room for a wealthier you.


Making money and maximizing your cash flow is the start of your financial journey, not the end of it. So, if you’re ready to level up by discovering real-life, practical ways to generate wealth and achieve the financial independence you crave, then tune in for The Fiscal Forum Podcast.

Ready to demolish debt once and for all?


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Phylip-Michael A.

Vestria is a bonafied professional with documented results. She was meticulous in customizing a plan that worked for me and she was able to help me realize that getting out of my debt was actually a reality! For years, I had a cloud looming over me that I couldnt escape. Thanks Vestria! To you reading this post, sign up NOW and let Vestria help you make your financial goals a reality like she did for me!

Before: In debt $48,000 After: Only in debt $27,000

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